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Protege 100cm with Reel and Camo Wrap

Protege 100cm with Reel and Camo Wrap

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The Freedivers Protege is a great all-round simple and tough. Proteges are fitted standard with a single 16 mm rubber and a 7mm, super strong spring plated steel shaft. The small lightweight muzzle can take single or double rubbers to suit your preference. There is an optional upgrade to double 16 mm rubbers if you prefer that rig.

Both reliable and made in South Africa, these are built tough and to last. Furthermore, these are a truly inexpensive with a reputation for the ability to take down big fish. Additionally, there is a unique deep-grooved rail for increased accuracy, and also a very reliable mechanism. Ultimately these developed and suited for intermediate to advanced divers.

The aluminium tube has a plastic integrated rail system which reduces noise. Rail made from 30% glass reinforced nylon for maximum strength and durability. The tube is made from marine grade aluminium and coated with 25 micron anodising for protection against corrosion. Comes standard with Freedivers DIY reusable wishbone, shark clip and synthetic rubber muzzle bungee. Reel and reel line can be added as an optional extra.


  • Marine grade aluminium tube
  • Small lightweight muzzle
  • Can take single or double rubbers
  • Spring steel double notched 7mm shaft
  • Shaft with Freediver’s vampire barb
  • Comes with single 16mm rubber as standard
  • Optional upgrade to twin 16mm rubbers
  • Tough and reliable
  • Reinforced nylon integrated rail system
  • Stainless large swivelled shark clip
  • Long lasting synthetic rubber muzzle bungie
  • Optional reel & line
  • New model evolution barrel
  • Available in a range of sizes

Available Lengths:

700 (70cm)

900 (90cm)

1000 (100cm)

1100 (110cm)

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