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Cuta flasher

Cuta flasher

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The flasher’s primary function is to imitate the appearance and movement of smaller fish or prey, which in turn entices larger predatory fish to approach, making them more vulnerable to the spearfisher’s efforts. The visual stimulation provided by the flasher can trigger curiosity and hunting instincts in the target fish species, leading them to move closer and investigate.

  1. Reflective Material: Many flashers are constructed with materials that catch and reflect sunlight or ambient underwater light. These reflective surfaces create flashes of light that resemble the scales of smaller fish catching light as they move.
  2. Colorful Patterns: Flashers often incorporate vibrant colors that mimic the appearance of prey fish. These colors can range from silvery whites to iridescent blues and greens, aiming to replicate the natural hues of baitfish.
  3. Movement Enhancers: Some flashers are designed with additional features that enhance movement. These might include small wings, spinning blades, or other appendages that create subtle vibrations and fluctuations in the water, adding to the illusion of live prey.
  4. Depth Adjustability: Flashers can be attached to various depths in the water column, allowing spearfishers to target specific fish species that inhabit different parts of the ocean.

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