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Bulldog Carbon Pro 90

Bulldog Carbon Pro 90

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The Freedivers Bulldog 80cm Carbon Pro is a customised Freedivers spearfishing tool for UK conditions. The Bulldog has a high quality 17.4 ph 6.25mm Italian made Hunt shaft with a single 16 mm rubber. Most commonly used in the oil and gas, aerospace and motorsport markets, stainless steel alloy, 17-4, offers excellent corrosion resistance, high creep rupture strength, high tensile strength and hardness.

The Freedivers small lightweight open muzzle is standard on the Bulldog. Hit us up if you prefer a closed muzzle or double rubbers and we will gladly customise the equipment to suit your preference.

Reliable and made in South Africa, with Italian shafts added, Freedivers equipment is hardy and reliable. Freedivers tools have a deep-grooved rail for increased accuracy, with a reliable mechanism.

The light weight carbon tube has a plastic rail system which reduces noise when you fire away. The rail is made from 30% glass reinforced nylon for maximum strength and durability. Our equipment come standard with Freedivers DIY reusable wishbone, shark clip and synthetic rubber muzzle bungee. Reel and reel line can be added as an optional extra.


  • Light weight carbon barrel
  • Small lightweight muzzle
  • Can take single or double rubbers
  • 6.25mm 17.4 hp shaft with shark fins - Hunt Spearfishing Italy
  • Comes with single 16mm rubber as standard
  • Optional upgrade to twin 16mm rubbers
  • Tough and reliable
  • Reinforced nylon integrated rail system
  • Stainless large swivelled shark clip
  • Long lasting synthetic rubber muzzle bungie
  • Optional reel & line
  • Available in a range of sizes

Available Lengths:

800 (80cm)

900 (90cm)

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