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100 Ranger Roller Carbon Pro with Reel and bearings

100 Ranger Roller Carbon Pro with Reel and bearings

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Introducing the new South African Roller of choice, the Freedivers’ Ranger Roller. One of the most durable and trusted brands coming out of the heart of South African spearfishing culture.

The Freedivers’ brand was first established in 1997 as a consequence of dissatisfaction with local spearfishing gear. Their aim was to create a product that had an integrated rail system thereby increasing accuracy and reducing noise. Additionally, every one of the Freedivers’ products has been thoroughly tested in the Indian ocean and you can rest assured that your Ranger Roller will stand up to the harshest of diving conditions.

Developed to suit more intermediate and advanced divers, these products are very hard hitting, accurate and will deliver maximum results.

The tube is made from anodised aircraft grade aluminium, which also reduces the corrosion and impact caused by high use. Critically, the barrel has been fitted with a synthetic deep rail to ensure accuracy and reduce noise. This feature is unique to the Freedivers’ range. Also, the stainless trigger is a unique feature to the Ranger series and is designed to have a light but smooth trigger pull. Additionally, the trigger is housed in an all-black impact resistant handle that is very comfortable and will fit most diver’s hands. The handle and trigger is built with safety in mind and, as a result, the safety mechanism is easy to use with a horizontal action from left to right.


  • Anodised aircraft grade aluminium
  • Integrated synthetic rail to ensure accuracy
  • Full stainless steel mechanism
  • 7.1mm twin notched sprung steel shaft
  • Twin 16mm rubbers
  • Dyneema interchangeable bridals
  • Quality camper polly rollers
  • Stainless handle mounted shark clip

When selecting your size, consider the main type of diving you will be doing. If you are diving in the open ocean for large pelagic fish, then you will be looking for the longer tubes. Sizes range from 70cm to 110cm and come in a green camouflage.

In summary, the Ranger series won’t let you down and will deliver many years of great dives.

Available Lengths:

800 (80cm)

900 (90cm)

1000 (100cm)

1100 (110cm)

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